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Learn to drive in Brixton, SW2

Driving lessons in Brixton Whether you:
  • have never been behind the wheel of a car before,
  • have some experience and are looking to finish your driving education,
  • have an overseas licence and just need to brush up before going for your UK driving test to secure a UK driving licence in Brixton
  • or perhaps you need to get a licence by a certain time and need an intensive driving course in Brixton
  • whatever your requirement we at Chelsea Driving School will be able to fulfil your needs.
Driving lessons in Brixton Choosing a driving school in Brixton can be a daunting business so here at Chelsea Driving School we will try and make it easy for you - quite simply if you want access to only the best, most experienced driving instructors in Brixton then we believe our instructors meet that description!

As a motoring school in Brixton we only take on the best instructors, with the majority qualified to Grade A standard as determined by the Driving Standards Agency, which ensures that your driving lessons in Brixton are of the highest quality. This will not only ensure that you pass your driving test in Brixton and obtain your driving licence as soon as possible but that your driving tuition in Brixton will set you up for years of safe driving.

Once our instructors have assessed you in the first lesson they will develop a bespoke driver training course for you in Brixton that will ensure you benefit from every minute you spend behind the wheel. Once your instructor believes you are ready you will take a 'mock' test with one of our Grade A qualified instructors to give you a second opinion and make sure that you are ready. This is to ensure that we get you through the driving test as soon as possible but without wasting your time and money by sending you for a test you are not quite ready for.

Brixton automatic driving school

We also provide automatic driving lessons in Briton. These are provided by our specially trained and qualified automatic driving instructors.
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(normally £330)

Free Theory Test Help

Courses on Offer**:
- UK Familiarisation Course
- Refresher
- Motorway
- Pass Plus
- Specialised Mock Tests
- Intensive (subject to availability)

PRICES DIFFER IN SUSSEX (please see our prices page)


*note prices differ for overseas' license holders, automatic and refresher lessons
** Expect a waiting time of up to 2 weeks. However this could be sooner due to cancellations.
***note terms and conditions apply, see Voucher for details

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