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Chelsea Driving School will design and tailor your driving lessons to what you want or need to get out of your driving education.

Whether you are a complete beginner and want help with learning about everything you need to know to ensure you spend a lifetime driving in the correct and safest manner possible, or are an experienced driver looking to simply pass as soon as possible the practical UK driving test we are experts in designing a bespoke set of lessons to suit you:

  • New driver/part trained lessons for those without a UK driving licence
  • Intensive course of driving lessons (we don't like to call it a 'crash' course....) should you need to pass the UK driving test within a short space of time
  • Experienced driver/overseas licence holder, UK driving test qualification specific lessons
  • Automatic driving instructors are available for those that wish to learn to drive in an Automatic car
  • Refresher driving course if you have a UK driving licence but perhaps have not driven for some time, want training in a new type of car, want help with coping with the unique experience of driving in London or simply want some help regaining your confidence
  • Motorway / dual carriageways / rural specific driving lessons (min. 3 hours)
  • UK driving test theory training

The most common question we are asked at the outset by new pupils is 'how long will it take me to pass the test' or 'how many lessons will I need'. Your instructor will during your first lesson make an assessment of your driving and be able to give you a better idea of where he thinks you are and how many lessons you may roughly need to achieve what you want but the truth is that everyone is different and everyone needs as much time or as many lessons as is necessary! Many factors will come into play including of course how much practice you are able to do outside of lessons with your instructor in your own car bracket (see our 'learner insurance page' for a great offer for car insurance for provisional driving licence holders driving private cars). What we promise however is that your lessons will be specifically designed around you and your needs to get you to where you want to be when you want to get there, and we will be there for you every step of the way!


This half/full day course designed by 'Our Trainers', covers the following OR it can be tailored for your needs and is for people with an active 'Overseas Licence' OR new UK Licence.

  • Motorway/Dual Carriageways/Town Driving/Country Lanes
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Advanced Driving Techniques
  • Risk Management
  • The Law
This can be for an Individual or Company.There will be a report at the end of the course.


Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at newly qualified drivers, designed to build on your existing knowledge and skill. It has been designed by the Driving vehicle standards agency (DVSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry. Pass Plus will teach you how to anticipate and deal with all kinds of hazards, and will help you to become more confident on the roads after you have passed the driving test and have your licence.

Pupils who take the PASS PLUS course,after the practical test, have LESS ACCIDENTS in the first two years.


For information please visit our 'Instructor Training' page and also 'Our Trainers' page.

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(normally £330)

Free Theory Test Help

Courses on Offer**:
- UK Familiarisation Course
- Refresher
- Motorway
- Pass Plus
- Specialised Mock Tests
- Intensive (subject to availability)

PRICES DIFFER IN SUSSEX (please see our prices page)


*note prices differ for overseas' license holders, automatic and refresher lessons
** Expect a waiting time of up to 2 weeks. However this could be sooner due to cancellations.
***note terms and conditions apply, see Voucher for details

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