Chelsea Driving School is one of, if not the best run driving school in London. Established since 2011 it now has an operation involving a large number of highly skilled and qualified instructors. We are still growing rapidly and expanding on a monthly basis. In the last 6 months we have recruited more ADI’s, and due to continuing success and growth we currently have vacancies and are looking to hire additional instructors. We only add instructors when we are sure that we can fill their diaries on a consistent basis and are not looking to flood the area with instructors all driving round with no pupils as we have seen other schools do time and time again.

We only recruit in areas of growth.

Chelsea Driving School is still personally run and owned by it’s founders on a day to day basis, one of which is a Grade A working instructor so we understand and appreciate all of the daily concerns and pressures a driving instructor has to deal with.

Whilst we move with the times in many areas (check out our vibrant and engaging social media), we still hold some old school traditional values and base our business relationship with our ADI’s on trust and respect. We only want ADI’s within the team that want to be there, and not because of a contract and the threat of its enforcement. We understand that if we don’t provide ADIs with pupils they cannot afford their franchise fee! Therefore Chelsea Driving School does not look to tie you into a long term contract, our terms are flexible depending on your needs and all of our work is local – we won’t send you chasing from one side of London to the next in a day! This works well for us, and seems to work for our ADI’s as we have an excellent retention rate.

Ours is a driving school for ‘grown up’ instructors that don’t need spoon feeding or managing or constantly telling how to run their business.

Our franchises will be tailored to your needs, we can help arrange a vehicle, or you can supply your own, you can work part time, or full time, tell us what you want and we will tell you how much it is going to cost.

Our franchise fees are cheaper than other schools and yet our rates for lessons tend to be more expensive – a fact we don’t hide. We don’t compete on price in a race to the bottom as we are proud to provide the best quality driving lessons in the area, which as you know over time will result in the pupils passing their test in less time and spending less money overall and in the long run anyway. Therefore everyone is a winner as it means your full diary makes more money, you are happy to move on to the next pupil rather than eek them out as long as you can for fear of not being able to replace them and in addition you are paying less out in franchise fees so your costs are less to.

However – this unbelievable offer is not open to everyone! We only take on the very best as our customers expect top quality service and that is what we strive to provide. If you are serious about driving instruction and dedicated to concentrating on what you do best which is teaching people to drive for life, are self motivated, professional, well presented, patient and reliable then give us a call for a chat to see what we can do for you.

If you have had a bad experience on a franchise, all we can say is we are very different, and we would be happy for you to speak to any of our ADI’s to prove it, who will tell you unprompted by us what their experience has been and what we are all about and how we run Chelsea Driving School for the benefit of the instructors and the pupils just as much as ourselves.

We are extremely interested in hearing from you if you live in South West London and it can never hurt to have a chat. It might not be right now that you are looking to move but you never know for the future.
Please see our instructor training page.