It is possible in the UK to obtain an automatic driving licence and pass the practical automatic driving test in an automatic car which then allows you to drive an automatic car only on UK roads. You will not be licensed to drive any manual vehicle – however with a rise by over 70% of automatic cars in the last 10 years on the roads in the UK, amounting to a total of 8.4 million this is becoming a more popular way of learning to drive.

In 2017,40% of all new cars were fitted with an automatic gearbox, including CVT and ‘semi-automatic’ varieties.

Some feel that operating the gear stick and clutch or finding the biting point detracts from many of the other things that are required when operating a vehicle. Equally driving in heavily built up metropolitan areas such as central London means that gear changes can be required more often and become hard work and cumbersome. Starting, stopping, parking, hill starts can all be easier in an automatic car and in an automatic you need never worry about stalling again! You are free to concentrate on the road and those around you with just the steering and two pedals – the accelerator and brake – to concern yourself with.

Perhaps you have an overseas driving licence but now require a UK one and are only familiar with automatic driving and have no wish at this point to learn to drive a ‘stick shift’.

Whatever your reason for wishing to take automatic driving lessons, Chelsea Driving School is able to provide automatic driving lessons in London with some of the most experienced automatic driving instructors in the area. We are a specialist automatic driving school providing you with the opportunity to learn to drive in an automatic car, teaching you all that is specifically necessary to pass the practical automatic driving test.