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Price List - Chelsea Driving School

Chelsea Driving School can guarantee that it does NOT provide the cheapest driving lessons in London. However there is a reason for this as we have seen many times the results of the false economy of when learner drivers have tried cheaper alternatives and then had to come to us for lessons that can actually get them through the driving test! Driving instruction is not a commodity and as with many things in life you get what you pay for. We are unashamedly more expensive on an hourly rate basis than some schools as we are confident that our standard of instruction is second to none and that therefore you will need fewer lessons!

By trying to save yourself a couple of pounds an hour at the outset will end up costing you more in the long run!

In addition our service levels are unmatched. You have enough to worry about when learning to drive without concerns about whether your instructor will show up at all or on time, whether you can understand what they are saying all the time, that their car is too old and may break down, that they don't know the area etc etc etc - all complaints we have heard from pupils who have tried other cheaper schools before coming with us and seeing how driving instruction should be done!

We also insist, and would suggest that with whichever school you decide to take lessons with, that you have the first lesson as a single lesson so that you can meet the instructor and decide that they are someone that you can learn from and will enjoy spending many hours in a car with before booking a block of lessons up front - something other schools try and trick you into doing before you realise that you are not happy with your instructor but you have to persist with seeing them as you have paid for a number of lessons before you even met them!

Prices differ between 'manual' and 'automatic lessons', between 'new' and 'part trained' or 'overseas licence holder' drivers and between location as such:

PRICES IN SUSSEX DIFFER (please see below)


Manual New Drivers (this includes part trained):
Hourly rate£33 per hour
10 hours£300 = £30 AN HOUR

Overseas Licence Holders & Refresher Courses For Experienced Drivers:
Hourly rate£36 per hour
10 hours£330 = £33 AN HOUR

Automatic New Drivers (this includes part trained):
Hourly rate£36 per hour
10 hours£330 = £33 AN HOUR

Automatic Overseas Licence Holders & Refresher Courses For Experienced Drivers:
Hourly rate£38 per hour
10 hours£350 = £35 AN HOUR

UK Familiarisation Course:
Half Day£105
Full Day£210


Manual Only

New Drivers (this includes part trained):
Hourly rate£28 per hour
5x2 hours£265 = £26.50 AN HOUR

Part Trained, Overseas Licence Holders & Refresher Courses For Experienced Drivers:
Hourly rate£31 per hour
5x2 hours£295 = £29.50 AN HOUR


All new pupils get a voucher for the Chelsea Day Spa giving you £25 off treatments (note terms and conditions apply, see voucher for details).

Pass Plus:
All costs£210

Instructor Training/Courses:
Pricesto be discussed as required

Lessons are booked in two hour slots to maximise the benefit of your tuition and help you to focus and retain what each lesson is looking to achieve.

We will pick you up and drop you off from any of the areas we cover for free.

There is no extra charge for evening or weekend bookings.

You will pay the driver directly at the start of your lesson either in cash or some of our drivers have the ability to take card payments in car.

Should you wish to be picked up from within the congestion charge then an additional charge of £11.50 will be applicable to cover the cost of this charge.

Chelsea Driving School will not be held responsible for any payments to your instructor.
Please read and sign (if you agree) the terms and conditions on the progress report card at the start of your FIRST lesson with your instructor.

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(normally £330)

Free Theory Test Help

Courses on Offer**:
- UK Familiarisation Course
- Refresher
- Motorway
- Pass Plus
- Specialised Mock Tests
- Intensive (subject to availability)

PRICES DIFFER IN SUSSEX (please see our prices page)


*note prices differ for overseas' license holders, automatic and refresher lessons
** Expect a waiting time of up to 2 weeks. However this could be sooner due to cancellations.
***note terms and conditions apply, see Voucher for details

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